Janne Birkner

December 8 - December 16

Vibrant acrylic renderings of native birds and landscapes.

Peter Ryan

November 23 - November 29

Peter's artwork starts with the physical process of drawing. These drawings are then photographed and computerised into unusual collages.

Diane Mah

November 15 - November 21 2017

Subtle city water colours.

Nancy Macalpine

November 15 - November 21

Bold urban landscapes in water colour.

Thanh Tam Cao

September 15 - September 28

Tam's work breathes colour and light, sharing the quietude and drama of the Australian landscape - both urban and rural.

Keiran Gordon

September 1st - September 12th

Colourful contemporary pop art.

Owen Moyo

25 August - 31 August

Delicate water colours of a surreal nature.

George Moyo

August 25 - August 31

Vibrant contemporary acrylics. Colourful. Lyrical.

Renata Waterfall

August 12 - August 24

Strong photorealistic oils with surreal twists.

Alex Snellgrove

June 29 - July 13 2017

Vibrant urban landscapes.

James Lesjak-Atton

10-14 May 2017

Young Artist James Lesjak-atton, also know as AQUAMAN is from Sydney Australia. His works range across a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and installation.

Jesse Hooley

April 26 - May 3 2017

Strong and diverse water colours - landscapes, sea scapes and nature studies.

Rebecca Neely

March 22 - April 4 2017

Young Sydney artist. Specialising in printing and works on paper.

Bill de Wilt

March 22 - April 4 2017

Bold abstracts. Strong colours and images.

Golda Liebermann

10-19 March 2017

Bold expressive portrait painter, trained at the National Art School. Represented in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait Prize

Anke Klevjer

January 12 - January 17 2017

Delicate works on silk and other surfaces. Semi abstract pastels.

Louise Beck

November 24 - December 25 2016

Colourful bold ``Skyscapes`` mirroring and distorting the city sights.