February 4 - February 10 2019

Eleanor Amiradaki; Tamara Pavlovic; Zorica Purlija; Karen Riethmuller; Patrice Wills - Five wonderful female artists who offer a fresh perspective on the visual arts! Different mediums - very exciting!

Anna Mary Wheeler

January 9 - January 13 2019

Bold colourful paintings with echos of Chagall

``Noir`` Five artists - Michael Simms; Richard Healy; Simon Cowell; Tam Cao; Evan Shipard.

December 5 - Dec 19 2018

These five classically trained artists - using different mediums - present their take on the ``NOIR``

Catherine Pye and Sarah Drury

November 24 - November 30

Subtle strong and ponderous oil paintings.

Yuri Trechswjakow

October 31 - November 5 2018

Born in Chile and training as an industrial designer, Yuri moved to Australia where he turned his talents to murals and street art. His work is bold and satirical featuring comic characters - like Mr Trumpig - who comment on world affairs.

Anne Numont; Ngoc Tran; Paola Talbert.

24 - 28 October 2018

Drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture. The theme: Crossing Thresholds. Exciting mixture of media and technique.

Keiran Gordon

September 1st - September 12th

Colourful contemporary pop art.

Ochre Lawson

June 15 - July 1

``Beyond the Sea Wall`` - bold abstract paintings that are inspired by the remote coastline of Japan and the alpine wilderness of Tasmania. They create a sense of place as well as the essence of the wild landscape.

Claire Donaghy

August 31 - September 5

Bold colourful rendering of flowers and landscapes. Sensuous and joyful!

Mike Foxall & Gilli Pepper

September 12 - 16

Mike's edgy paintings complement Gilli's exquisite silver jewellery.

Rosario Lopez

October 5 - October 11

Subtle linear works - with swatches of colour - that focus on different aspects of modern life.

Nell Jones & Malcolm Jones

May 3 - May 9

Recent paintings by Malcolm Jones - works on paper and oils on canvas. Nell Jones' latest book ``A Token for Perry`` -a new gothic tale exploring early Australia and the aboriginal culture.

Bein' Narly organizer - Glenn Smith

April 3 - 22

Graphics, prints and paintings in a three week festival! A visual celebration that will happen in another 2 years time in 2020!

Minka Gillian

August 3 - August 15 2018

Exciting surreal sculpture made from recycled plastics and found objects

Maggie Stein

Sept 26 - Oct 4

Bold but subtle linoprints that focus on urban landscapes - particularly the inner west of Sydney.

Meng Woo and Arthur Le Nevez

March 20 - March 25 2018

Colourful contemporary paintings - landscapes and seascapes.

Diane Mah

November 15 - November 21 2017

Subtle city water colours.


October 26 - November 9

``Replay`` -Exquisite textile art combined with found and recycled objects.

Mark Tippett

March 13 - March 19

Bold expressionist portrait studies!

Janet Lomax

January 3 - January 9, 2018

Colourful Chargallesque studies of the female and her dreams. A definite whimsy and playfulness is each work.

Keiran Gordon

September 19 - 23

Bold and colourful pop abstract!

James Lesjak-Atton

10-14 May 2017

Young Artist James Lesjak-atton, also know as AQUAMAN is from Sydney Australia. His works range across a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and installation.

Paul Thomas

October 26 - November 9

``The Art of Happening`` -research into quantum phenomena and how we express these invisible forces..

Thanh Tam Cao

September 15 - September 28

Tam's work breathes colour and light, sharing the quietude and drama of the Australian landscape - both urban and rural.

Alex Snellgrove

June 29 - July 13 2017

Vibrant urban landscapes.

Golda Liebermann

10-19 March 2017

Bold expressive portrait painter, trained at the National Art School. Represented in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait Prize

Jesse Hooley

April 26 - May 3 2017

Strong and diverse water colours - landscapes, sea scapes and nature studies.

Bill de Wilt

March 22 - April 4 2017

Bold abstracts. Strong colours and images.

Rebecca Neely

March 22 - April 4 2017

Young Sydney artist. Specialising in printing and works on paper.

Anke Klevjer

January 12 - January 17 2017

Delicate works on silk and other surfaces. Semi abstract pastels.

Louise Beck

November 24 - December 25 2016

Colourful bold ``Skyscapes`` mirroring and distorting the city sights.