Peter Ryan

November 10 - 20

A wonderful marriage of Peter's distinctive draughtsmanship with his photographic skills!

Susanna Chui

October 4 - 9 2019

Sensitive and colourful paintings depicting the special things in life.

Jiashan Wang

June 27 - July 9 2019

Bold colourist with a semi-abstract persuasion.

Catherine Pye and Sarah Drury

November 24 - November 30

Subtle strong and ponderous oil paintings.

James Lesjak-Atton

10-14 May 2017

Young Artist James Lesjak-atton, also know as AQUAMAN is from Sydney Australia. His works range across a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and installation.

Geoffrey Goddard

May 8 - May 12 2019

Architreasures - Geoffrey's bold photographs have a haunting nostalgia about them - playing with concepts of the past and the future.

``Noir`` Five artists - Michael Simms; Richard Healy; Simon Cowell; Tam Cao; Evan Shipard.

December 5 - Dec 19 2018

These five classically trained artists - using different mediums - present their take on the ``NOIR``

Bev Davies

March 16 - March 25 2019

Largely portraiture in bold colour and strong shapes. Bev's paintings are quirky with a strong element of wit!

Anne Numont; Ngoc Tran; Paola Talbert.

24 - 28 October 2018

Drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture. The theme: Crossing Thresholds. Exciting mixture of media and technique.

Anna Mary Wheeler

January 9 - January 13 2019

Bold colourful paintings with echos of Chagall


February 4 - February 10 2019

Eleanor Amiradaki; Tamara Pavlovic; Zorica Purlija; Karen Riethmuller; Patrice Wills - Five wonderful female artists who offer a fresh perspective on the visual arts! Different mediums - very exciting!

Keiran Gordon

September 19 - 23

Bold and colourful pop abstract!

Paul Thomas

October 26 - November 9

``The Art of Happening`` -research into quantum phenomena and how we express these invisible forces..

Thanh Tam Cao

September 15 - September 28

Tam's work breathes colour and light, sharing the quietude and drama of the Australian landscape - both urban and rural.

Alex Snellgrove

June 29 - July 13 2017

Vibrant urban landscapes.

Golda Liebermann

10-19 March 2017

Bold expressive portrait painter, trained at the National Art School. Represented in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait Prize

Jesse Hooley

April 26 - May 3 2017

Strong and diverse water colours - landscapes, sea scapes and nature studies.

Bill de Wilt

March 22 - April 4 2017

Bold abstracts. Strong colours and images.

Rebecca Neely

March 22 - April 4 2017

Young Sydney artist. Specialising in printing and works on paper.

Anke Klevjer

January 12 - January 17 2017

Delicate works on silk and other surfaces. Semi abstract pastels.

Louise Beck

November 24 - December 25 2016

Colourful bold ``Skyscapes`` mirroring and distorting the city sights.