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Rental Conditions for Gallery 371

Rental Conditions

  1. Weekly Rent                        $650 (2 week hire)   $680 (1 week hire)
  2. Commission                         None
  3. Cleaning Fee                        $50 refundable if gallery is cleaned to original                                                    standard
  4. Insurance of Artworks        Not covered by Gallery 371
  5. Manning of Show                Responsibility of Featured Artist
  6. Hanging                                 Responsibility of Featured Artist
  7. Walls                                      Nothing is to be stuck/blue tacked to walls; no                                                  nails/tacks
  8. Numbering of works           To be attached to artworks via ribbon/card etc
  9. Promotion                             Responsibility of Featured Artist
  10. Hours                                     11am – 4pm Wed – Sun (less if so desired)
  11. Opening Night                      6pm – 8.30pm; kitchen facilities/ glasses                                                          available; toilet available
  12. No Smoking on premises


If you are interested in exhibiting with us, please send us your application.

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Gallery 371

371 Enmore Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

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