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Rental Conditions for Gallery 371

Rental Conditions 2019

Weekly Rent                         $800 (1 week hire)

Commission                         None

Booking Deposit                  $200

Insurance of Artworks        Not covered by Gallery 371

Manning of Show                Responsibility of Featured Artist

Hanging                                 Responsibility of Featured Artist

Walls                                      Nothing is to be stuck/blue tacked to walls; no nails/tacks

Numbering of works           To be attached to artworks via ribbon/card etc

Promotion                             Responsibility of Featured Artist

Hours                                     11am – 4pm Wed – Sun (more or less if so desired)

Opening Night                      6pm – 8.30pm; kitchen facilities/ glasses

available; toilet available

Smoking                                  No smoking on the premises

Pavement                                No drinking on the pavement ($6000 fine)



If you are interested in exhibiting with us, please send us your application.

In person/per mail:

Gallery 371

371 Enmore Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

 By email:

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